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Say hi to your customers with a printed postcard

Send highly personalized postcards worldwide for as little as 1,15€.

Send postcards

Pay only what you use. Starting at 1,15€/card. Postage included.

Launch a postcard campaign in 3 steps

1. Add your recipients list

Drop your Excel list of recipients
Add custom fields to personalized each postcards.

2. Design your postcard

Build your template with PowerPoint.
Background, font, text... Customize everything.

3. Launch your campaign

To say thank you or to congrats, to fidelize or to offer...
Wow effect guaranteed !

Everything is done from your web browser.
Nothing to install !
Send postcards

1 minute to create a postcard campaign

You want to send postcard from your own tools ? We have an API for that !
Discover our simple and modern API

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Launch your first postcard campaign

As low as 1,15€ per postcard.
Send postcards
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